Production for Singer/Songwriters

Looking for a TOTALLY “natural”  recording sound representing what you sound like in a COMPLETELY “unplugged” warm environment?  Check out this recording ...

Kevin O’Connell

“Out on the Road”

A terrific  guitarist and songwriter from Bearsville New York,  I recorded Kevin with No compression, No EQ, No reverb.... simply recorded totally naturally using one “spot” vocal mic and one stereo mic... Totally “live”.    THIS is the sound of Grouse House “Studio B”... "The Guitar Cabin"

Ian Flanigan

“Into the Hills”

Saugerties New York native Ian Flanigan is an astounding young guitarist & songwriter with a voice that is soulful far beyond his physical years.  An incredible talent...  I recorded Ian’s acoustic & electric guitar and mandolin parts in “Studio A” and then overdubbed Ian’s vocals & bass, as well as a synth string arrangement I wrote for the fadeout .  Terrific song too!

Frank Critelli  

Another Sunday Drive”

Frank Critelli is an up and coming songwriter from Connecticut. He regularly performs his original songs at clubs and coffee houses throughout the Northeast.  Frank came to the Grouse House and asked me to produce a new song of his called “Another Sunday Drive.”  He laid down great performances on acoustic guitar and vocals and left me to arrange and produce the track.

Click on the file on the left to hear Frank’s original performance of the song on solo guitar.  And then click on the right to hear the finished arrangement and production.  All done over two days with no outside musicians.

Or for a "natural"  recording sound plus additional overdubs...  Check this out...

Or to demo my production and arranging "chops" check out these two files...