Americana / Folk Artists

The Grouse House  is the perfect place to record acoustic folk and Americana music... Including Bluegrass... Old Time...Irish.... Scottish... and Acoustic Blues  music!  Record in a totally natural “minimal microphone” setting in an environment conducive to creativity and relaxation.  

One price for your project... with no time pressure EVER!

The Grouse House also is a great place to have your own “home recordings” or “live recordings” cleaned up and produced for GREAT CD reproduction.

The Grouse House proudly was the production home for  Jay Ungar & Molly Mason’s monthly radio broadcast on Northeast Public Radio for several years.  An example of one show can be streamed below.

Jay Ungar & Molly Mason’s...

Dancing on the Air!

This particular show is from May of 2013 and also features  Emily Shad and Debra Clifford /  with all musicians jamming at the end!